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Timothy and Jennifer Engagement Party

It was a long time coming indeed!

When you talk with these two, its like talking to an old married couple. You can tell that their engagement was a long time coming and was in the destiny books from before they were born.

Jennifer and Timothy met in church when they were still children around 6 or 7 years old.  Of course, when you are a child, you do not know that this is the person God has for you. Timothy’s recollection is that Jennifer was not on his mind back then because he was more interested in playing with action figures and comic books then looking at girls and Jennifer stated that like most girls at that age, boys are simply annoying.

As they continued going to the same church and started hanging out together with the other kids something started developing and by the time they were teenagers they both knew that they wanted to date. Jennifer says that Timothy’s humility, intelligence, and humor began to draw her in. 

Together for nine years before they got engaged, this couple allowed God to form them and allow them to grow together mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for this union. For many people nine years is a long time. But when you trust in God and you know that God is leading you, being obedient to his plans is more important than rushing the process.  For Timothy, stating that from a spiritual standpoint, he had to make sure that he was ready for the responsibility of it, whether it was emotional or financial. He stated, “It’s easy to fail when it’s just you but when you’re responsible for more than yourself, especially the person you love the most, it can be scary”.

Their engagement party was beautiful full of family and friends. For Jennifer it was a surprise. Timothy and Jennifer’s mom planned the whole event. When she walked in all she could do is smile.  Surrounded by so much love in one room is the things that families are made of. Throughout their courtship, one thing remained constant, their faith and love in God.

June 16, 2021

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